A downloadable mod for Windows

Instead of changing the textures, patterns and sounds for your mod, use SCP-087-B Editor for more advanced options, it allows you to:

- changed the title
- changed the fog system
- changed the colors of the light
- changed textures, patterns, sounds, font and maps
- changed the action for each corridor
- changed the movements of the npcs and thus modified the action
etc ...

For your mod I propose you use:

Textures: GIMP 2
Models: fragMOTION
Sounds: Audacity
Maps: Maplet [THIS IS GIVING]

All the resources of the cards are available with the tools, you can make a touch of the maps in .x

You can do anything you want with SCP-087-B Editor!
(Only for modding) [NEW UPDATE]

Original created by Regalis

[Map Creator] SCP-087-B Extended Edition (NEW)

You can only create and edit maps if you download the latest version SCP-087-B Extended Edition. [FIXED]


SCP087BEditorSetup.exe 13 MB
SCP087BExtendedEditionMapCreator.exe 1 MB
ModUsed.rar 841 kB


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Will you uplaod this on Gamejolt?